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OpenStreetMap, the Free Wiki World Map

So, why not Google Maps?

(the question everyone asks)

Maps have mistakes

Commercial Maps are Car, Economically Centric

OpenStreetMap is Free

Basic OSM Stats

Usage statistics

Collaborative Project

Many Features

OSM "Data Products"

Who uses OSM?

OSM and Community Members

Commercial Providers


Cool OSM Projects

CloudMade Maps

CloudMade Maps





8-Bit City

8-Bit City

WaterColor Maps

WaterColor Maps by Stamen

Rammstein Map

Rammstein Tickets

OSM in 3D

OSM Blankets

Soft Cities OSM Blankets

A Year of Edits

Walking Papers and Field Papers

Walking Papers and Field Papers

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About Me

Who am I?

Serge Wroclawski

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OSM for Web Developers

You can use OSM for your web maps

Benefits of OSM

  1. Customize Display
  2. A marketplace of tile providers
  3. Control your own destiny

A Word about Google APIs

Google bundles all their functionality into a single API

  1. Tiles (the visual map)
  2. Markers
  3. Geolocation (search)
  4. Routing

OSM Treats Each of These Separately

  1. Commercial providers sometimes bundle these services (ie CloudMade and Mapquest)
  2. Get services from various libraries/providers (best of breed)
  3. Or DIY and choose your own methods


Visual Maps on webpages are called "Tile Services".

  1. OSM Provides Tile Services for very small projects
  2. Commercial tile providers offer high volume or custom tiles
  3. Instructions for making your own tiles<

Benefits of OSM for Tiles

  1. Customized themes
  2. Customized emphasis (eg no stores, some stores, trees, no trees)
  3. Render only the features you care about, eg if you're a restaurant chain, don't render the McDonalds on the map

Markers and Popups

In OSM, Markers and Popups are provided by Javascript libraries.

Powerful, easy to use map library. Supports tiles, markers, popups, vector drawing. Works on desktop and mobile devices.
More mature library. Has more features than Leaflet, more Geo-functions, but harder to use.

You are always free to use the library you like, or use your own.

Geocoding (search)

In OSM, Geocoding is usually done with a program called

Some mapping providers (eg Mapquest), offer search, either through Nominatim or other services.

You can host your own Nominatim, or use an alternative Geocoder.

OSM Offers a Free Market Approach to Mapping Services

More Information

OpenStreetMap and the Outdoors

The Outdoors and OSM

OpenStreetMap and Cyclists

OpenStreetMap has a strong relationship with cyclists

Cycling Tags

Cycling Renders and Routers





Why OSM and the Outdoors

OpenStreetMap and FLOSS Developers

We're with you!

Free Data

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Our work is Free Software

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We want YOU!

OSM Editors

Editors Overview

Potlatch 2


iLOE for iPhone


MapZen POI Collector

ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap

QGis OSM Editor Plugin


Building Local Community

OSM is a Community Project

Community Events that have Worked for OSM

Building the NY Community

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